Friday, April 9, 2010

What Not To Wear

I've been watching some of the new episodes of "What Not to Wear" on TLC channel. It started me thinking about some of the outfits some of the kids wear to school.

School clothing is even more of an issue as winter moves into spring. Actually, it's usually not a problem with the boys except for an occasional fishnet shirt, inappropriate wording on a t-shirt, or wearing pants that are down around the knees. The big problem is what the girls choose to wear. I used to wonder how their parents could possible let them out of the house looking like they do. Then I realized that parents were often already at work by the time their daughters went to school or the girls changed clothes once they got to school.

Either way, the girls need to be taught about proper clothing. And yes, you can be stylish and appropriate for school at the same time. Clothing that is inappropriate for school includes any low-cut top, spaghetti straps, too-short shorts or skirts, low-riding pants that expose too much every time you bend over, and any exposed underwear. School is a place to get an education, not a place to advertise your clothing or lack of it.

I personally think that parents should monitor their child's clothing before that child goes to school each morning. But if that's not possible, then teach your daughters and sons what is appropriate so they can make good choices on their own.
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