Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Real World

I was talking with my niece on Easter Sunday. She has six children. The oldest one just got his driver's license and the youngest will start school this next fall. I thought she was crazy wanting so many children, but she loves it and she's a great mom!

As we were talking, she said that once the youngest goes to school, she would probably have to get a job and join the real world. I just looked at her and said that I thought raising six children, and doing it well, was the real world. She did admit that it got pretty real at times.

I wish women would quit doing this. At one time, mothers who worked were looked down on as not taking care of their children. Then opinions seemed to change so that any woman who stayed home with her children was not deemed to be reaching her full potential.

Whatever choice a mother makes, whether to work or not to work, is her choice. She should not be looked down on for either decision. She should not feel she's not part of the real world if she's a stay-at-home mom. If the children are loved and well-cared for, then either decision is the right one.

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