Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Surprise

Tomorrow is Easter. How did this happen? I have completely lost track of time. I used to be so careful about keeping track not only of the day and date, but the time of day. After I retired, I first found that the time of day no longer meant anything to me. After a while, I discovered that I was forgetting the date. But the first time I couldn't remember what day it was, I knew I was truly retired.

And yet, a few days ago, when my sister-in-law called to invite us to Easter dinner, she caught me off guard. Sure, I knew Easter was on it's way, but to realize that it was only a couple of days away came as a surprise. Even though there have been Easter decorations and jelly beans in the store since February, I was still amazed that it had arrived so quickly.

So, am I worried that I have lost track of time? Not at all! I love that I don't have to worry about schedules or meetings anymore. And if I choose not to look at a calendar or clock, that's fine too. But thank goodness I have a sister-in-law who pays attention or I might have missed Easter completely and that would be terrible because I am so looking forward to dinner tomorrow.

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