Saturday, April 10, 2010

Simple is Often Better

Tonight I attended a dinner for our local astronomy club. There were only about 20 members who showed, but we had the best time. We didn't have a fancy meal or a well-known keynote speaker, but it worked. It's amazing what talent we have right in our own club.

One of the club members is a minister, so the dinner was held at his church. The women of the church fixed a fantastic meal of roast chicken, rice, green beans, dinner role, and fluffy dessert pie.

As for entertainment, one of the families brought guitars, tambourine, and bongos. They had made PowerPoint presentations for about nine songs that they performed. The first song was "Moon Shadow" by Cat Stevens. The accompanying PowerPoint was about eclipses. "Red Rubber Ball" was sung to slides about the sun. "I Can See for Miles" dealt with telescopes.

The music was fun, the PowerPoints were educational, and all together was creative, interesting, and one of the best club dinners I've attended.

I firmly believe that the simpler an event is, the better. And using local talent is always an added bonus.

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