About This Blog

I started this blog because I felt that, after 32 years of teaching, someone else could benefit from the things I had learned over the years.

When I started this blog in 2009, I was blogging everyday.  I continued doing that until the end of June 2010.  After one school-year of helpful hints and tips, I had said most of the things I had originally wanted to say.  

In July 2010, I found that blogging everyday was not working for me.  Currently, occasional blogging seems to be a better idea and that's what I plan to do at this time.  I think that blogs are entities that must evolve as the life of the blogger changes.

The content of this blog may also, occasionally, be a little different.  While it will still contain helpful hints and tips, I plan to include more of my own opinions on educational issues.

Hopefully, those of you who read my words will continue to read them.  Your suggestions are always welcome.