Monday, January 25, 2010

School District Discusses Potential Cuts With Parents - KWQC-TV6

I was watching television this morning and the following news article was discussed:

School District Discusses Potential Cuts With Parents - KWQC-TV6 News and Weather For The Quad Cities -: "Among their solutions -- raising meal prices, eliminating the consumer science program, and laying off several staff members. Green says he's hoping he doesn't have to lay off anyone at all and is still looking at other areas where cuts can be made in order to save jobs."

I can't believe that schools still have to make cuts. With "No Child Left Behind," with the information garnered by Bill Gates about the state of education in the United States (, with the new movie at the Sundance Film Festival titled "Waiting for Superman" which also presents information about the condition of the public school system (Waiting for Superman) ... with all these, and they want to make cuts.

And one of the worst places to cut is the consumer science program. With the economy the way it is, with the job situation, with the financial health of the country at a low point, students need the consumer science program now more than ever.

I would hope that every parent, teacher, and student would make sure that important programs are not cut. Once a program is cut, it's very difficult to get it back.

It always amazes me that cutting administrative staff or temporarily lowering administrative salaries is so rarely discussed. Instead we cut important courses and lay off three or four teachers so the superintendent can keep his or her $150,000 salary.

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