Saturday, January 9, 2010

Am I Qualified to Blog?

I have been reading a lot of blogs over the last few months and I often wonder what qualifications the author has. I imagine that some people who read this blog may have wondered the same about me. So today, just a little about myself.

1. I was a math education major in college, but my advisor worried that I might have trouble in the math program. She made sure I enrolled in language arts courses as a backup.

2. My first real job after college was writing blank radio advertisements for a research publication company. I worked there for two years writing pages for automobile dealerships, beauty shops, grocery stores, theaters, mortuaries, feed and seed stores, and any other business that might advertise on the radio.

3. I spent 32 years teaching high school math. Besides teaching, much of the time was spent writing tests and quizzes as well as all kinds of reports. I also taught science for a few years and one year of World History. These two courses involved lots of writing.

4. Every few years I had to take courses in order to renew my teaching certificate. Over the years I gained teaching certifications in World History, Sociology, Psychology, General Science, Physical Sciences, and English, as well as my original certification in Mathematics.

5. For quite a few years I have edited two different newsletters. One is for a local astronomy club; the other is for a teacher's society.

So that's my history in the world of writing, just in case anyone was curious. Does that me qualified to write a blog? I guess the readers will have to be the judge of that.

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