Sunday, January 10, 2010

My One Great Wish for All Students

If I could be granted just one wish for all students it would be that they have a deep-seated, never-ending desire to learn.

If they could all have just this one thing, nothing else would matter. They wouldn't let anything stand in the way of their education. It wouldn't matter if they were rich or poor, if they were black or white, or if they were male or female. It wouldn't matter where they live, what they wear, what job their parents have, or what school they attend. All of these would just become excuses for not learning.

If a student truly has that desire to learn, they will find a way. I've seen students with all strikes against them rise above the fray. They search out people and books and situations that foster their education. They discover that everything they do and everyone they meet provides an opportunity for learning. Nothing stops them.

Yes, my one great wish is that all students could experience this passion for knowledge. Perhaps we can find a way to help instill this desire in them. Let them know how important an education is. Give them books. Support their interests. Keep adding fuel so that desire for learning keeps burning bright.

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