Monday, January 4, 2010

Every Once In A While

Today I had a good thing happen. I was at the grocery store and ran into one of my former students. I actually run into her every once in a while because she works there. But today, she and I both had a little time to talk.

She was one of those students who was always bubbly and fun to have in class. She certainly hasn't lost any of her enthusiasm or bubbliness.

As a student in PreCalculus and in Statistics, she had set high goals for herself. As a math teacher, I was proud to hear her say today that she had just graduated from college with a degree in Finance. She said that she had been offered numerous jobs, but she wasn't interested in relying on a commission for her income. She had decided to stay with the grocery store, work her way up, and eventually have her own store. She is going to have a wonderful career.

I couldn't have been more proud of her. So often, teachers never see the results of their work. It's great when a former student lets you know how they're doing. It's even better when they let you know that in some small way you helped them reach their goals.

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