Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prevent Summer Learning Loss ~ Tip #3 ~ Keep a Journal

This summer, try keeping a journal. Write in it every day. Write about the things that happen during the day. Write about news events. Write about the weather. Write about the people you meet and the things you do. Write about the things for which you are grateful. What events make you happy and what events make you sad? Where did you go? If a story or poem comes to mind, write it down. Do you have a question about something? Make a note of it and then do some research to find the answer.

So why do this? The main reason is that every time you write, you improve your writing skills. Because writing is a major form of communication, it's one of those topics that's stressed in every subject you study. Most students are expected to write in language arts classes, social studies, science, foreign language, and possibly even math, art, and music.

When you get back to school in the fall and the teacher says, "Write a paper telling me what you did during the summer," you'll be prepared. In fact, your paper will almost write itself because you've already done all the hard work.

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