Monday, June 21, 2010

Prevent Summer Learning Loss ~ Tip #21 ~ General

Join a club. Because there are so many different clubs and organizations, there should be one that you would enjoy.

Around here there is an astronomy club, numerous book clubs, photography club, art groups, music groups, and many others.

If you can't find one you would enjoy, start one. Perhaps you love reading science fiction, but all the book clubs focus on current bestsellers or the classics. The perfect solution is to start your own science fiction book club. Tell your friends, put an ad in the paper, select your first book, read, and discuss.

Our local astronomy club started with the dream of three friends who shared a common interest in the stars. That was 25 years ago. The club still survives today, gives presentations and star parties, teaches an astronomy class at the community college, and supervises an observatory complex that now has three observatory buildings.

A club may just be the thing you need this summer.

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  1. These are my suggestions for avoiding summer brain slide.

    Alexis Avila
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