Saturday, June 26, 2010

Prevent Summer Learning Loss ~ Tip #26 ~ Memory

Memorize the words to a song. Most of the things you learn in school require memorization. If you think about it, much of learning is remembering.

So improve those skills by practicing things that will improve your memory. Learning the words to a new song can help. While you're learning that song, think about what you're doing. Are you listening to the song over and over? Did you look up the lyrics on the Internet and print them out so you can read them to learn them?

Aren't these the same skills you'll need in school when you're trying to learn something new? If not, they should be. When you're learning a new skill in math class, you have to practice it and may have to review the procedures in your textbook or on the Internet. If you're learning a new spelling word, you write it over and over.

The skills you use when memorizing the words to a new song may just help you when you're learning new things next school year.

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