Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prevent Summer Learning Loss ~ Tip #19 ~ History

Take a drive and I'll bet that, without having to travel too far, you'll find an historical marker.

For instance, I can travel about 30 miles north and run into the Toolesboro Mounds, a national historic landmark. They are a group of Indian burial grounds built by the Havana Hopewell culture sometime between 200 BCE and 100 CE.

If I travel about 15 miles east, I'll come across Norma Jean's tombstone. Norma Jean was a circus elephant that was struck by lightening in 1972. A 12-foot monument has been erected on the spot where she died.

A few miles south is a marker that indicates the beginning of the Mormon Trail in 1847. A few miles further south is another plaque to show where the first Jewish Synagogue was located in Iowa. Between the two is Galland School, a replica of the first one-room school house in Iowa.

So take a little trip. I'm guessing you won't have to travel too far before you learn a little history.

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