Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prevent Summer Learning Loss ~ Tip #17 ~ Education

When I was in elementary school, the district always provided "summer school." Some of the classes were designed for students who needed extra practice, for those who had not done well during the school year and needed remediation during the summer so they could be ready for the next school year. My school district also offered classes called "enrichment" courses. These were the ones that students could take for fun, the ones that offered something new.

Every summer I took band lessons. I don't remember other classes that were offered, but I think they included music, art, and fun summer reading. These courses made learning fun, gave me something to do during the summer, and helped me keep up my skills (and my skills definitely needed improving).

Of course, in high school, I took Driver's Ed during the summer. And in college, summer courses allowed me to earn my B.S. degree in three years instead of four.

Today, school district budgets often prevent schools from offering summer courses, but if you look around, you might find as school that will have something for you. In some cases, community colleges provide a wide variety of courses for students who want to keep learning during the summer, and they provide courses for all levels, K-12.

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