Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too Many Tweets

Tonight I spent over an hour trying to get on Twitter. I kept getting a message that there were too many tweets. I finally gave up and never logged in.

This was unusually irritating to me. It doesn't usually bother me and it really wasn't that important that I put my message on Twitter. But what if it was important? What if it was my homework? I wondered how many students out there had some required tweet they had to post. If it was my homework, I would have been so frustrated and upset.

So what can a student do if this happens? First, write your tweet on paper and plan to turn it into your teacher the next day. Second, if you have your teacher's email address, send them a message about the problem and include your tweet. At least he or she will know that you've done the assignment and made the effort. Third, if your teacher has voice mail at school (please don't call them at home), leave a message there. Again, explain the problem and recite your tweet. At that point, you've covered all your bases. Then keep trying to get on Twitter. If you wait a while longer, you may be able to connect. Last night, I finally gave up, but if I had had an assignment, I would have kept trying much longer. The last thing you should do is make sure you see your teacher first thing in the morning. Hopefully they will have received your email or phone call, but visiting them first thing in the morning shows you are sincere in your efforts to get your homework completed.

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