Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break Should Not Be For Children

When I was in college, two friends and I went to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break. At that time we each took $100 with us for the two weeks we were there. Thank goodness one of our friends had moved there two years before. It gave us an opportunity to see her and we got free room and board. The money we took went for gas and meals for the trip there and back.

Our parents were worried about us and almost didn't let us go. But we were 19 or 20 years old and they didn't really get to make the decision for us. By that age, we were adults and we knew how to behave like adults. There were no drugs. There was only one or two drinks during the entire two weeks. We simply enjoyed the beach, the sun, the palm trees, the ocean, and the company of good friends.

I worry about students today. And I don't understand parents. Students as young as 15 (maybe younger) are allowed to go off on their own to Cancun or Cozumel or Acapulco. I know some of these students. They are not adults; they are children and they think like children. They put on a good show to their parents, but once they're out on their own, it is a different story. I've heard some of the stories they tell when they return home. I'm sure these are stories they have not told their parents.

Today I was reading about the number of assaults on young women that have taken place already. I urge parents not to let underage children go on spring break. I don't care how much they beg or how many of their friends are going, don't let them go unless you will be there also. I know you want to trust them, but if you can't be there with them, find other activities for them to do around home. Be the parent.

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