Sunday, February 28, 2010

Think Like an Olympian

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As I was watching the closing ceremonies of the winter Olympics tonight, I thought about all the athletes and the amazing skills they have. But they don't have these skills by accident or by luck. They have them through dedication, hard work, practice, motivation, and keeping their eyes on the prize.

These are the same qualities every student needs in school. Not everyone can be an Olympic champion, but everyone can do a little of what they do. It's the same in school. Not everyone will be a genius and score 1600 on their SATs, but everyone can get through high school with a C average or above. All it takes is a little dedication, hard work, practice, and motivation. Keep your eyes on the prize (graduation), listen to your coaches (teachers), and don't let anyone or any thing keep you from your dreams.

And tonight I learned something new. I learned where Sochi is.

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