Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love of Animals

I've been watching the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and thinking about all the students I had in class who loved animals. Everyone of them wanted to be a veterinarian when they grew up.

Unfortunately, so many of them had poor math skills. That, however, didn't seem to phase them. I guess they assumed that their love of animals would be enough to see them through. No matter how many teachers and counselors told them that they needed to improve their grades and take the tough math and science classes, these students just didn't get it. Of course, when they graduated from high school, they found that their teachers and counselors were right after all. Many were disappointed. A few got it together, did what needed to be done, and actually went on to achieve their dreams.

But for those students whose math and science abilities were not up to par, and who didn't want to do what it takes to improve, there are still many careers where a love a of animals is a requirement.

As I was watching the dog show, I thought about all the people involved in such a pageant. There are breeders, groomers, trainers, judges, presenters, promoters, and many more. It seems to me that any student with a great love of animals should be able to find a career in this field. Not everyone who loves animals needs to be, or should be, a vet. There are hundreds of other career choices. Students just need to do a little research.

Students should also remember that there are millions of animals that end up in shelters each year. Helping these animals can also become a career.

I, however, right now, am still trying to figure out how the Bichon Frise, the Schipperke, the Bulldog, and the Dalmatian can all be in the same group. How can a judge possibly choose? But that's just me needing to learn more.

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