Friday, February 5, 2010

Hunger and Fullness

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, was on the Oprah show today. During the interview, he made a statement that really made me think. I may not have this quoted exactly, but he said "If you've never been hungry, you can never be full."

It made me think of so many of the students I taught, as well as a couple of my relatives. These were children who were given everything they ever wanted without having any responsibilities. They had all the best toys and the latest fashions. They went to every movie and concert. They were always over-indulged. They were never "hungry" for anything.

Now, as adults, they're never full. They're not full of an education or a desire for knowledge. They're not full of a job or any kind of motivation to get one. They're not full of any kind of gratitude, always thinking the world and their parents owe them. They're not full of any kind of accountability, always blaming others for their misfortunes. They are depressed, miserable adult children who have never learned to be adults.

I believe a little "hunger" earlier in their lives would have been a good thing. Perhaps it would have created a desire in them for fullness, instead of the emptiness they currently have in their lives. I'd like to think that something in their lives will eventually spark that desire and give them the fullness in life that every person should have. I still have hope for them.

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