Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike To Work Day

Today is Bike to Work Day. After watching all the news about the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, I'm thinking that maybe everyday should be Bike to Work Day.

But can we ever be free of our reliance on oil? After looking at a list of petroleum-based products and learning that there are over 3000 oil platforms in the Gulf, I think we are probably facing a future where oil and the products made from it, will always be with us and so will the environmental hazards.

The Gulf disaster is not just the fault of BP, Transocean, or Halliburton, but lies with all of us. If you've ever driven a gasoline car, drank from a plastic water bottle, wore clothing made from a synthetic fabric, used waxed paper, or even taken an aspirin, you're using a petroleum product.

Until we can reduce our use of all petroleum products, we will have to suffer the consequences when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong, an entire ecosystem and economy can be destroyed.

Petroleum Based Products: A Long List: Save and Conserve

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