Monday, May 10, 2010

5 Places to Get Lesson Plans

As the school year winds down, most teachers are scrambling to finish their curriculum. But there may be some who are looking for ideas for lesson plans to finish out the year. Here are a few sites that provide pre-made lessons on a variety of subjects.

1. The Learning Network is a blog provided by The New York Times. Lesson plans cover a variety of subjects and include an overview, materials, procedures, activities, related resources, and discussion questions.

2. Texas Instruments offers a variety of activities on their website, most featuring a calculator activity.

3. USA TODAY Lesson Library offers lessons in many subjects and often includes reprints of related news articles. The library includes separate printables for teachers and students.

4. is CNN's resource for teachers written by former teachers that includes "video, background stories, Internet links, and more."

5. Microsoft has lesson plans on subjects ranging from arts and design to music, history, mathematics, and more. Again there are teaching guides, procedures, activities, and lists of materials.

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