Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Avatar" Lessons Revisited

A few days ago I bought the movie Avatar. I had seen it in the theater in 3D back in December and I knew then I would have to buy it when it was released on DVD. It is one of those movies that can be watched over and over.

Today, my husband came home early from work, sick with a cold. So we spent the afternoon watching it. Again, I was struck by the beauty of the film and the message of the story, perhaps more-so this time than before. Today it somehow seemed more personal, perhaps because I was at home and not in a theater with a hundred other people.

Back in December, I wrote a blog post titled "Avatar" Lessons. Now that the DVD is out, teachers might want to take another look at some of the suggestions for lesson plans I posted. Since then, there is another blog that also has some great ideas for teachers and parents. It is called "Avatar with Kids: A Discussion Guide."

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