Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School Cafeteria Food

Yesterday I was thinking about some of the food available in the school cafeteria when I was a kid. I thought, "Wow, I haven't had any of 'that' for a long time." The 'that' refers to school-made cinnamon rolls, yeast rolls, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, turkey tetrazzini, weanie winks, and creamed chipped beef served on toast or mashed potatoes. It got me thinking, "Wow, I wonder if those recipes are available anywhere." To my surprise, I found many of them on the internet.

Since many of the recipes are copywrited, I'm going to provide links to them. Just remember, these are cafeteria recipes. Check to see how much the recipe makes before you dive in. The turkey tetrazzini recipe makes 6 gallons. If you wanted just four 2-cup servings, you'd have to divide each recipe ingredient by twelve. If you wanted just one 1-cup serving, you'd have to divide the ingredients by 96.

I think that a lot of school cafeteria food today is prepackaged and not homemade like these recipes were. Make one or two of these dishes and your children can see and taste what school food was like when you were in school.

Turkey Tetrazzini:
Yeast Rolls:
Toastie Dogs (we called them Weanie Winks):
Peanut Butter Cookies:
Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls:;read=6201
Creamed Chipped Beef:

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