Saturday, September 5, 2009


Believe it or not, now is the time for seniors to start applying for scholarships. Many have deadlines early in the school year. For instance, the deadline for Coca Cola scholarships is October 31.

Start looking at different types of scholarships. Some are based on merit, some on need, some on ethnicity, and some on the college or university to which you're applying. Check with guidance counselors, churches, businesses, foundations, labor unions, schools, and your chamber of commerce. There are also unusual scholarships. Left-handed? Tall? Good with duct tape? Star Trek expert? Skateboard? Check them out at Remember, there are large corporations offering scholarships, but don't forget those offered by your local community. They may offer smaller amounts, but can add up quickly. One word of caution: the internet is a great way to search for scholarships, but beware, there are scams.

Now is a good time to start gathering your materials together. You'll need application forms, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Some scholarships will require that you write an essay. Read the directions carefully for filling out applications. Fill them out neatly. Check your spelling. Make sure you include everything they require. Some may only require the application, but others may require several letters of recommendation as well as an essay. And lastly, make sure you meet the deadline.

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