Sunday, November 1, 2009

21 Ways To Spend Your Extra Hour

It's November 1 and daylight savings time has ended. Today we get an extra hour to:

1. take a walk in the park

2. read the next few chapters in your favorite book

3. watch half of your favorite movie

4. meditate

5. rake leaves

6. talk to your best friend

7. call someone you haven't talked to for a while

8. paint the hallway

9. do yoga

10. play 20 of your favorite songs

11. dance the hour away

12. make a new recipe you haven't had time for

13. clean off your desk

14. get a massage

15. play a game with the family

16. catch up on homework or bills or filing

17. update your personal information on Facebook

18. write a blog post

19. play sports - football, basketball, tennis, bowling

20. be grateful for the things in your life

21. sleep (everyone's favorite)

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