Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Ways to Celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week starts today and continues until October 31.*  Organized in 1988, it is held every year to honor the memory of Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, a DEA investigator who was tortured and murdered in 1985 by a major drug cartel.  The campaign started simply with a few red ribbons attached to shirts or worn as wristbands.  It grew into a symbol for millions of Americans to show they are united behind a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate Red Ribbon Week:

1.  Host radio shows from local schools that are participating in the event.

2.  Decorate windows, classrooms, and offices with red ribbons.  Award prizes for the best

3.  Sponsor or participate in Wear Red Day.  Wear a crazy red hat or a neat pair of red socks. 

4.  Decorate Trick or Treat bags with drug-free messages on Saturday, October 31.  Make it a "Say Boo! to Drugs" Day. 

5.  Wear your red ribbon every day during the week.  Wear it proudly.

6.  Sponsor or participate in an essay contest or poster contest or coloring contest.

7.  Release red balloons with drug-free messages inside.

8.  Sponsor or particpate in a Drug-free Sports Day.  Send a drug-free message with a red parade during halftime at your high school's football game.  Have cheerleaders lead a cheer with that same drug-free message.

9.  Sign a pledge that you will stay drug-free.  Remember that drug-free means drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

10. Reach out to someone.  Share a drug-free message with three different people during the week.

* The dates for Red Ribbon Week may vary depending on your location.  It is generally held during the last full week in October.


  1. Thank you for postng this great list - very appropriate across the age levels - u rock!

  2. To "at the Blue Barn" Thanks so much. Our local schools make a big deal of Red Ribbon Week. I hope schools across the nation do the same.