Sunday, August 22, 2010

National Inventors' Month

I just learned that August is National Inventors' Month. Here are a few ways you can incorporate this into your lesson plans.

1. History: Have students study a few of the great inventions like the television or telephone or clock, but also consider the history of lesser, but no less important, inventions such as tissues or crayons or paper clips.

2. Language Arts: Students can research a great inventor or invention. Then write a paper or create a video presentation based on their research.

3. Science: Study the science behind an invention. For instance, what physics are involved in radio signals? What chemistry is involved in LCD, CRT, LED and plasma screens?

4. Math: Study the invention of calculators and the algorithms involved in their programming.

5. Business: Study the marketing strategies of a current inventor such as Ron Popeil.

6. Art: Design a poster featuring a great invention or inventor.

7. Music: Study great inventions in the area of music such as the electric guitar, music therapy, or how music enhances great inventions such as radio, ipods, and film.

8. Foreign Language: Study the great inventors from the countries that use the language of the course. For example, in Spanish class students could study Guillermo Gonzales Camarena (from Mexico) who invented an early color television system. In French class, they could study Louis Braille, the inventor of the braille system of printing.

9. School-wide: How neat it would be if one entire school day could be devoted to inventions and inventors. Students could concentrate on this topic in each of their classes and hopefully understand how important all their classes are to the development of new ideas and technologies. In addition, they may gain a better appreciation of the inter-connectedness of all their courses.

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